Personal Training In Total Privacy

Exclusively For Women in Bicester

Personal Training In Bicester

Judgement-free workouts.

An easy-to-follow weight loss system.

A female trainer you can call a friend.

Your enjoyable and sustainable way to lose weight and keep your ideal shape.

No judgement. Total privacy

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have total privacy every time you worked out? 

Sure. You could spend thousands of pounds on getting the very best equipment in your own home (if you have the space). 

But secretly you love to get away from your home environment a few times a week. You value sharing your dreams and struggles confidentially with another woman you can trust. 

To let it all out: scream, grunt or cry during your workout, without anyone else listening! 

Workout without makeup and wear those sweat patches with pride, because no one else is watching. You see, privacy is actually what you long for...

That’s where Hannah Eagle steps in, providing you with:

  1. The highest level of fitness expertise, clear guidance, motivation and support. All so you push yourself to your full potential
  2. Her own top-of-the-range gym equipment and private space for you to use exclusively. No waiting to use any gym equipment again, ever
  3. A welcome oasis to step away from your usual environment

Best of all, you’ll feel no judgement from others like you get in public gyms. 

Just that comforting feeling of your dedicated trainer believing in you all the way.

Feel Totally At Ease And Safe

What would it be like to feel totally at ease at the gym, so you can return home safe in the knowledge that you, your family and / or business will be well protected from Covid-19 after every workout?

When you train at Hannah Eagle’s private studio, our equipment is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected every single hour for every single customer. That means you can focus, be fully present and get an incredible workout every single time.

We strictly and rigorously follow all government guidelines to provide you the very best protection, including never having any other appointments overlap with yours.

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What if you regularly had that feeling of going to see a good friend every time you thought about your workouts?

When you work out with Hannah Eagle, there’s so much more than getting you to reach your health and fitness goals. Hannah creates a warm, welcoming, fun environment so you develop a strong relationship with her and a sustainable commitment to your fitness and health.

You are encouraged to bring out your social side. But also you can confide in Hannah during good times and bad ones. The total privacy of being in her home gym makes being able to share, relate and laugh as a human so much more comfortable.

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Bring out your social side to create a sustainable routine

It’s this social aspect that will keep you coming back and make working out a satisfying and sustainable routine you look forward to week after week.

Easy-to-follow system to lose weight and tone into your ideal shape

Wouldn’t it be refreshing to have someone look after you for a change and carefully support you in reaching and maintaining your ideal weight?

When you spend much of your day looking after the important people in your life, sometimes it’s nice to have someone look after you for a change. Hannah Eagle is that person who you can really count on to support you every step of the way. Not only will she work together with you to reach your ideal weight, but she’ll make sure you maintain it. 

Hannah takes care of the entire process so you don’t have to plan anything out. And as your personal and private trainer, she motivates you, even when inevitably life gets in the way, to achieve the results you want.

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More Than Just Personal Training

This is a holistic lifestyle management program so you are totally supported in living a healthier life. Hannah creates a personalised program of exercise, nutrition, supplementation and motivation for you.

The result? 

  • Your body will look great. 
  • Your confidence will snowball. 
  • Your energy levels will transform. 

All so you can be your best at whatever you do.
Every. Single. Day. 

As a customer, you will have access to Hannah’s unique mobile app to log workouts, nutrition measurements and even progress photos (optional).

Mobile App

Hannah creates a tailored program for you to follow based on your goals and current habits. Her scientific approach to calculating the macros takes away the guesswork from your diet plan.

Nutritional Programming

It's important to measure your progress for many reasons, one being to hold Hannah accountable to your results and make sure you are moving in the right direction. There is nothing better than seeing the needle move.

Body Composition Testing

Working with Hannah Eagle in her own state-of-the-art private gym gives you the very best accountability you deserve. Hannah will never let you sell yourself short and potentially miss out on the amazing results you could achieve.

Dedicated accountability

Experience You Can Rely On

Hannah Eagle previously owned and managed Oxfordshire Personal Training and help build the credibility of that company for almost a  decade in Summertown, Oxford.

So for every workout, you are in the hands of an exceptional trainer dedicated to support you in achieving your fitness goals.


So after 6 months away from any training due to lockdown and our local gym classes closed. I felt I needed to get back to it for my own mental health and physical health.

Hannah was brilliant she listened to all my concerns, problem areas and what I wanted to achieve. She made me feel comfortable and relaxed in the studio and was so clear in guiding me.  The beginning of a new chapter thanks to Hannah!!!!

Charlotte Hughes

Hannah Eagle is an amazing trainer! I was initially hesitant about personal training because I wanted very specific things from my workout. But Hannah listened (patiently!) to all my goals and tailors each workout to me. Sometimes I lack motivation, and Hannah always pushes me to work harder. Hannah is also open to trying new exercises, which is great -- because I thought I was fairly knowledgeable before, but now I've learned a lot of new ways to train. We've been working together for 6 months, and I definitely feel stronger and healthier. In fact, I've started going twice a week because it's been such a great addition to my regular workout routine. I highly recommend Hannah. Not only will she help you meet your fitness goals, she is so much fun to be around! Thank you!

Wendy Bradley

Fantastic personal trainer, professional & sensitive with all, it's always "remember it's your workout", & it definitely is, no matter what your needs or aims are, Hannah is always there to support, motivate and encourage you.  I have over the years used a few gyms, I have to say Hannah by far excel in all areas of the work she does with clients. No judgements. Go on give it a go... you'll not look back..

Wilayat Bi

Each new day is a new opportunity to improve yourself. Take it and make the most of it.

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